Use of Traffic Signal Lights in Vehicle– to– Vehicle Communication on Underground Mine Ramps


  • Erwin Normanyo University of Mines and Technology
  • C. L. Ainoo


To minimise collisions and road accidents, road safety systems require Vehicle– to– Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle–    to– Road (V2R) communication infrastructure. Two-way traffic flow dynamics in single-lane underground mine haulage ramps do affect productivity of ramp in times of ore transportation to the surface for processing. Optical wireless communication offers no health hazard, low power consumption, non-licensed channels and high bandwidth. In this research, V2V communication on an underground mine ramp has been actualised making use of traffic signal lights, Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitters (Tx) and Receivers (Rx), and a traffic signal lights module. Simulation outcomes confirm orderly movement of two heavy vehicles on the haulage ramp. This development stands to minimise the incidents occurrence rate in mine ramp haulage systems.






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