On Sensor-Based Ore Sorting


  • Erwin Normanyo University of Mines and Technology
  • R. A. Ofosu
  • D. S. Acquah


The high cost of mineral processing in mining industries keeps rising. Sensor-based ore sorting is key in helping the mining industries to sort out ore to help reduce the processing and production costs. With the implementation of sensor-based ore sorting at the primary stage, it assures of separating larger volumes of the barren gangue from the conveyor-transported ore before excessive handling and mixing occurs. Hence, this paper investigated and evaluated the deployment of the colour camera and the dual energy X-Ray sensors. The successful operation at 2.8 m/s and 3.2 m/s of conveyor speed, and relatively extreme positions of the air jet-based separation mechanism for the sorting proved robustness in separation of barren gangue from the ore feed.






Electrical and Electronic Eng. Articles