Economic Viability of the Use of Local Pseudo-Oils for Drilling Fluid Formulation




Esters, Fluid, Cost, Antioxidants, Formulations, Disposals Onshore, Offshore


The initial cost of formulating Synthetic Base Muds (SBM) compared to conventional Oil Base Muds (OBM) may be doubled but after considering the cost of containment, hauling, and disposal of OBM after use, the cost of using SBM becomes relatively cheaper. The formulation and disposal options (onshore and offshore) and the cost benefit of using seven local antioxidated pseudo-oils (vegetable esters) SBM compared to commercial OBM at an average offshore and onshore temperature operations were simulated in this work using API standard performance benchmarks. The average cost percent of savings on the use of the seven local vegetable oils over the use of commercial synthetic base fluid offshore and onshore were 48.32% and 56.30% respectively. Thus the use of local ester oils for drilling fluids formulation are more economical compared to currently imported oil based drilling fluids. The cultivation and production of these local pseudo-oils are on the increase guaranteeing its adoption and application to be very sustainable.


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